Indicative Credentials

We have proven experience in the key RE services in Greece and across Europe

Equity Fundraising of 350mio EUR total
  • 250mio EUR equity raised for PV and onshore-wind infrastructure projects in Germany, France, UK.
  • 100mio EUR equity raised for PV producing corporates from Germany, France, Sweden.
Debt Funding of > 275 MWp total
  • 35 MWp debt financing of PV projects in Greece.
  • 40 MWp debt financing of PV project development pipeline in Germany.
  • 200 MWp debt financing of onshore-wind project development pipeline in Germany.
  • 94 MWp debt financing of onshore-wind project development pipeline in Poland.
Development of > 500MWp of Wind & PV Parks on own accounts
  • > 400MWp ground mounted in Greece (production certif. & environmental appr.)
  • > 20 MWp PV ground mounted in Germany.
  • > 10 MWp PV roof-tops in Germany.
  • > 10 MWp onshore-wind in Germany.
  • 3 MWp PV ground mounted in Greece.
Projects of > 750 MWp Transaction Management
  • 200 MWp onshore-wind project development pipeline in Germany.
  • 250 MWp PV in Germany and France.
  • 70 MWp onshore-wind and PV projects and project development pipeline in Germany.
  • 70 MWp wind project development in Spain.
Successful Tender Participation of > 280 MWp
  • 268 MWp wind projects in Poland.
Other successfully offered advisory services
  • Project Origination, Transaction, Project Management and Asset Management in UK, France, Italy, Poland, Italy, Germany and Greece.
  • Market Studies on USA, Chile, Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, Turkey and Germany.

We love making complex investment cases financeable!

Project sales Poland

  • Comprehensive support for project development in Poland, incl. support for successful participation in the 2018 and 2019 tariff tenders with a total capacity of 288 MWp (investment c. 250 mn €)
  • International transaction for equity investors for 132 MWp and 42 MWp projects
  • Transaction management of 3 pre-developed projects with a capacity of 94 MWp; arranged ca. of 110mio € project financing

Financing of project development pipeline Germany

  • Advising a developer on the selection of a strategic partner for the financing of project development
  • Market screening and creation of a shortlist
  • Pre-selection and presentation of suitable investors
  • Supporting the negotiations until finalizing the cooperation

Financing a 270 MWp project development pipeline in Spain

  • Arranging a development partnership between a local developer and an international strategic financial partner
  • Supporting the negotiations until conclusion of the cooperation

On-shore wind and photovoltaic transactions with a capacity >80 MWp in Germany

  • Project sourcing / approaching investors
  • Bidding process, pricing and bid submission
  • Management of Due Diligence process
  • Support / management of contract negotiations / change of control
  • Integration of sites
  • Partly refinancing

Financing and Sale of 200 MWp of PV & Wind projects in Germany

  • Due Diligence, cash flow modeling and structuring of debt financing
  • Negotiation of term sheets / loan agreements
  • Financial support until pay-out of loan
  • Organizing sales process until closing